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During the session in Tromsø, 15 committees will work on separate topics for three days with the purpose of making a resolution on each topic. The resolutions will then be debated in General Assembly during the two final days of the session. The committees consist of a chairperson and approximately 15 delegates, each from a different country.


Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO)

Putting ideas into practice: how could Europe maximise its potential and make use of new possibilities following the creation of the position of President of the European Council and a Higher Representative for the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security policy?

Chairperson: Jari Marjelund (FI)
Journalist: Jolien Van Daele (BE)


Committee on Culture & Education (CULT)

“Criminal sanctions are inappropriate in respect of insult to religious feelings and, even more so, in respect of blasphemy”. How could European governments react to the statement of the Venice Commission criticising states for punishing those committing blasphemy?

Chairperson: Nassos Stylianou (CY)
Journalist: Aude Durand (FR)

Committee on Development (DEVE)

In light of the recent events in Haiti, is it now time for Europe to adopt a more integrated approach to disaster relief efforts? What steps should be taken to ensure that the stumbling blocks to humanitarian harmonisation are overcome?

Chairperson: Pablo Mellado (ES)
Journalist: Ylva Konsberg (SE)


Committee on Economic & Monetary Affairs (ECON)

In the context of the current economic climate, should Europe revise the Stability and Growth Pact to ensure a secure financial future?

Chairperson: Iva Fiserova (CZ)
Journalist: James Benge (UK)


Committee on Employment & Social Affairs I (EMPL I)

The Sami, the Basque and the Komi. How could Europe protect the rights and heritage of indigenous peoples whilst promoting their interaction with other ethnic groups?

Chairperson: Gustaf Danielsson (SE)
Journalist: Sophie Scannell (IE)


Committee on Employment & Social Affairs II (EMPL II)

First race now class: how can European governments work together to ensure that social and economic exclusion prevalent in immigrant communities is not the public problem of the 21st Century?

Chairpersons: Simon McKeagney (IE) and Helya Houshmand (SE, session president)
Journalist: Merete Holmberg (FI)


Committee on Fisheries (PECH)

Fish the new Oil?: Is Europe at a risk of irrevocably altering its oceanic biodiversity? how could states balance the necessity of large scale fishing with environmental considerations?

Chairperson: Gillian O'Halloran (IE)
Journalist: Matt Pollock (UK)


Committee on Foreign Affairs I (AFET I)

“Do you have a flag?”: Was the Arktika expedition of 2007 the first step in a new era of aggrandizement concerning the ownership of the Arctic? What role should Europe take in ensuring that discussions concerning Arctic borders are a success?

Chairperson: Chris Hall (UK)
Journalist: Hanna Ollinen (FI)


Committee on Foreign Affairs II (AFET II)

15 months on, has Barack Obama’s Presidency heralded a new golden age in USA-European relations? What should be the EUs priorities for diplomacy with the USA?

Chairperson: Stefan Vandenhende (BE)
Journalist: Petya Koleva (BG)


Committee on Industry, Research & Energy I (ITRE I)

Energy v Environment: As Europe struggles to find a replacement for fossil fuels, how should its constituents utilise these resources in the most effective way in light of concerns of petroleum exploitation?

Chairperson: Hamed Mobasser (BE)
Journalist: Liva Kreislere (LV)


Committee on Industry, Research & Energy II

The “lessons” five months after Copenhagen: What are the priorities that an active EU should follow in tackling global climate change?

Chairperson: Kerstin Mathias (DE)
Journalist: George Barnes (UK)


Committee on Industry, Research & Energy III

In order to achieve its ambitious goals in the field of future energy production, what strategy should Europe adopt when developing its future energy grid?

Chairperson: Klara Sebakova (CZ)
Journalist: Kyle Meyr (NO/US)


Committee on Internal Market & Consumer Protection (IMCO)

Feeding consumer demands for access or protecting against monopolies: how can data protection, competition in the market and the freedom of information be balanced with the desire to benefit in full from the powerful tools web technology offers today?

Chairperson: Carlene Kuschke (UK)
Journalist: Kyle Meyr (NO/US)


Committee on International Trade (INTA)

To what extent could the EU develop its trading relationship with Russia. What areas can be improved and where can trade niches develop in order to integrate Europe further?

Chairperson: Mark Brakel (NL)
Journalist: Konrad Staeger (CH)


Committee on Regional Development (REGI)

Is the Tromso Declaration (April 2009) the first step in a process for a binding legal framework for the Arctic? To what extent should the European members of the Arctic Council unite in future negotiations concerning the region?

Chairperson: Tanja Weissensteiner (AT)
Journalist: Didrik Hansson (SE)

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