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Travel information


We are acutely aware that travel to Tromsø is long and often expensive. We’ll therefore do our
utmost to help you with this aspect of your planning. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any
moment; we’re quite experienced in finding the good deals!
By air:
Delegations may arrive at Tromsø airport (TOS) or Bardufoss airport (BDU). Evenes airport (EVE) is a possible secondary option, but not recommendable due to long distances. All participants must arrive no later than Friday 16 April and depart no sooner than Sunday 25 April.
From the airport, you will be transported by bus to Finnfjordbotn upper secondary school (approximately 2h15min from TOS, 45min from BDU) where the delegates will stay for the
teambuilding weekend. Teachers will be accommodated in hotels in the nearby town of Finnsnes.
Because of the transfer time, we recommend arrival before 8PM. We will, however, provide food
and transfer to Finnfjordbotn for all arriving delegations, regardless of their arrival time. Delegations that choose to arrive before 16 April or depart after 25 April should be aware that the organisers may be able to offer assistance on finding accommodation, but will not take legal or financial responsibility for the extended stay.
International flights to Tromsø are few. Air Baltic flies from Riga twice a week, departing Riga on Mondays and Fridays and returning from Tromsø on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Norwegian offers a twice weekly direct service from London Gatwick (Tuesdays and Saturdays). Aeroflot Nord flies to Tromsø from Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. Air Baltic might be the cheapest option, particularly for travellers from Eastern Europe.
Most main European airlines serve Oslo airport Gardermoen (OSL). From there, Norway’s two
main carriers, SAS (www.sas.no) and Norwegian (www.norwegian.no), together offer around 12
daily flights to TOS, and Norwegian offers two or three to BDU. Flights are also available to TOS
from Trondheim airport (accessible by direct flight from several European cities). For persons under the age of 25, SAS offers a certain amount of youth tickets on each flight, with the maximum oneway fare of NOK 670 from Oslo/Trondheim to Tromsø. Generally, a one-way fare between Oslo/Trondheim and Tromsø should cost between NOK 500 and NOK 1000 (roughly EUR 60/EUR 120) if booked at least a couple of weeks in advance.
Cheap air fares are widely available to Oslo’s two secondary airports, Sandefjord Torp (TRF) and
Rygge (RYG). They are both served by Ryanair, and TRF is also served by KLM and Wizz.
Transfer to Oslo Gardermoen takes approximately 2h 30min from TRF (www.nsb.no or
www.torpekspressen.no) and 1h 30min from RYG (www.nsb.no or www.rygge-ekspressen.no).
Be aware that at the end of March 2010, Ryanair opens a new base at RYG airport which will by
then have flights to about 25 destinations. RYG is much more conveniently located than TRF for
transfer to OSL, and it even has a daily direct flight to Tromsø.
Of course, it is also possible to book a flight all the way to Tromsø through a travel agency such as kayak.com, expedia.com or berg-hansen.no. Return tickets from a European city booked this way generally cost €400-€500 return, but surprisingly cheap deals are sometimes available.
Trains do not run as far north as Tromsø, but it is possible to  travel overland from Oslo, Oslo
Airport(s), Trondheim or Trondheim airport by train, www.nsb.no, to Fauske and then bus,
www.nor-way.no, from Fauske to Tromsø. The one way train ticket is NOK 199, 299, 399 or a
lot more, depending on how early you book. The bus ticket is bought on board and costs NOK
700 for adults and NOK 350 for students, one way. You might find that the flight from Bodø (same
train as Fauske) to Tromsø is actually cheaper than the bus from Fauske. Both Norwegian and SAS have flights between Bodø and Tromsø.
PS: If you want to get something touristic out of this expedition to Tromsø, the train journey is
spectacularly beautiful and you might want to try it, if only for one way. It will only be dark for
about five hours at night, so plenty of photo opportunities. Also, your environmental conscience will be clean as a mountain creek!


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